Core Team delivers customised cleaning solutions to different work sites like Corporates, Small Offices, Shopping centres, Schools, Hospitals,  Factories etc...  as they have different requirements .

The big difference between cleaning home and a commercial office is the size of the area being and the limited amount of time we have to complete this cleaning. This understanding is our secret to effective commercial cleaning.

We have the right cleaning tools, equipment and chemicals, we can provide quality professional cleaning in a minimum amount of time.

The secret to commercial cleaning is to planning and rotating cleaning tasks each day! Some we do daily, some we plan across the working week etc...

Corporate Cleaning tasks are generally straight forward and involve the regular cleaning of

  1. hard floors and carpet floors,
  2. furniture, fixtures and fittings,
  3. bathrooms
  4. waste removal and 
  5. Cafeteria services

We Clean General office furniture which may include: Chairs; desks, work stations; coffee tables; computers; desks; filing cabinets; sofas; tables; table lamps; telephone handsets; waste bins. 

We clean Fittings include things that are fixed to walls, ceiling or floors and may include: Low reach fittings (fittings below shoulder height): light switches; doors; door handles; shelves; blinds; curtains; wall lamps. High reach fittings (fittings above shoulder height): air-conditioning vents; ceiling fans; recessed lights etc.

Cleaning methods: We clean different pieces of furniture and fittings in different ways. The five main methods of cleaning furniture and fittings are:

  1. Dusting (routine cleaning)
  2. Spot clean (routine cleaning)
  3. Damp wipe/dry wipe (routine cleaning)
  4. Vacuuming floors (routine cleaning)
  5. Polishing boardroom tables and high quality furnishings (periodically)
  6. Vacuum—upholstered chairs and fabric chairs are vacuumed to remove dust, particularly in the crevasses’ and corners (periodically).

The majority of office cleaning tasks involve, dusting, spot cleaning, damp or dry wiping and vacuuming floors.

Bathroom or Restroom Cleaning:

We  maintain (look after) the bathroom, replenish supplies and dress the bathroom after cleaning (make sure it is clean and tidy).

To prevent infection, we use separate cleaning cloths and cleaning equipment for toilets and bathrooms.

Waste Removal:

Waste removal is a normal part of general cleaning duties and is performed at the same time other cleaning tasks are performed. In most cleaning operations the waste will be transferred to a waste bin or bag on your cleaner’s trolley. When collecting larger volumes of waste such as in shopping centres and public spaces, waste removal will be a separate cleaning task. This waste will generally be collected in large mobile bins (on wheels).

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