We at Core Team Offer vast array of pest control services.

Pest infestation, of any kind, is a serious threat to your and family’s health and peace of mind. If you are dealing with any of the above problems, it’s high time that you do something about the situation. It is an essential precautionary measure to get pest control done in your house. 

The chemicals used by the professionals are tested and government approved. The smell diffuses in some hours and is 100% secure. You can even avail treatments which use organic material

We control and remove all kinds of pest that include:

  1. Cockroaches : Eco-friendly spray will be used and gel will be applied in every corner of your house
  2. Rodents (Rats): Eco-friendly sticky glue boards will be fixed and traps will be placed where required
  3. Ants: Eco-friendly spray will be used and gel will be applied in every corner of your house
  4. Termites: Tiny holes are drilled on walls & the floors and then filled with a disinfectant chemical and finally sealed. Oil based chemical is used on furniture and electric cables
  5. Bed Bugs :Spray treatment is carried out with eco-friendly chemical
  6. Wood borers: Chemical will be injected in tiny holes made by borer. Afer that keep wooden areas clean & free from moisture for few days.
  7. Mosquitoes: Mosquito repellents will be sprayed around the perimeter of your house, corners & inside your house. Fogging process will be carried out in big buildings.

 AMC(Annual Maintenance Contract) services:

We recommend AMC services comprising of 3-4 treatments in a year to prevent baby/new pests from encroaching



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